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I began teaching photography classes in 1982 for local schools and organizations in Grafton, WV. 


In 1983 I was asked by Emily Fleming of WV State Parks to participate in a photography workshop being held at Pipestem State Park in Summers County, WV.  My first paid workshop!  I would be teaching with my Grafton photography friend Jerry Isner.  Arnout Hyde, Gerald Ratliff and Osbra Eye, three of the premier outdoor/nature photographers in WV would round out the instructors.  I prepared everyday for several months to teach, borrowing slide projectors and music syncing equipment from WV state parks for this purpose. 

Earl Benton, photographer for the Charleston Daily Mail was at the workshop and decided to write an article for the Daily Mail about these new up and coming WV photographers.  The result being a full page article with pictures, including this one Earl took of me.  I'm holding my Minolta XD7 camera with a Spiratone Sharpshooter 400mm lens, ($49.95) mounted on an aluminum gunstock mount, with a cable release for shutter.  The Sharpshooter was slightly better than shooting through a coke bottle. 

Since that first workshop in 1983 I have given 100+ in West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia and now Florida.