WILD AND WONDERFUL THE WILDLIFE OF WEST VIRGINIA - $9.95 + S&H - 6"x9", soft cover , 72 pages, 71+ full color photographs. Two of West Virginia’s premier observers of nature combine their expertise to showcase some of the State’s most fascinating and beautiful creatures. Through the lens of a camera, Steve Shaluta captures exquisite photos of wildlife while Dr.Edwin Michael uses the lenses of binoculars to describe the same creatures in terms we can all understand. The authors present a diverse group of West Virginia wildlife that enhance our outdoor excursions. This book features a wide range of the more prominent animals. While some are now common, others occur only in specific habitats. Some are relatively rare, some are recent newcomers, and some no longer exist in the wild in West Virginia. Each photograph is accompanied by fascinating facts about the species, with special references to their lives in West Virginia.