West Virginia Beauty - Familiar & Rare - Steve Shaluta Photography

WEST VIRGINIA BEAUTY...Familiar & Rare - $34.95 + S&H - 10.25 x 13.5, hardcover coffee table, 128 pages, 170 full color photographs. West Virginia Beauty - the Mountain State. To those familiar with West Virginia, those two phrases go hand in hand. West Virginians know how beautiful their state is, and they know the special places that define that beauty for them, be it out their kitchen window or their favorite vacation spot. And they also love when that beauty is captured in photographs to share with loved ones, near and far. Hence, West Virginia Beauty: Familiar and Rare, which once again teams award winning photographer Steve Shaluta and writer/entrepreneur Jeanne Mozier. Together—as they did with their successful Wonders of West Virginia—they have produced another love letter to the state in the form of a coffee table book. This book showcases the state’s beauty, including amazing geography, extraordinary wildlife, numerous historic sites, exciting recreational opportunities and more.