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I became interested in photography in 1978 after borrowing a friendís 35mm camera to take nature photographs.  Needless to say the photography bug soon bit me.  In 1985 after nearly 15 years working as a locomotive engineer in my hometown of
Grafton, WV, I resigned to become a full time photographer.  A decision I have never regretted. 

My primary photography job for 21 years was as a staff photographer for the West Virginia Division of Tourism.  My work with West Virginia Tourism has allowed me the unique position of traveling and photographing the beauty and recreational aspects of West Virginia for advertising and promotional purposes.  This photography is used continuously as a source for magazine and newspaper articles, brochures, posters, calendars, billboards, advertising, maps etc., which promote the state of West Virginia.  In 2007 due to a WV state government reorganization I became part of a new division within the WV Dept of Commerce the Communications and Marketing Division.

I also have a separate freelance photography career. This freelance career has allowed me to expand my photographic subjects beyond the borders of West Virginia, nature and outdoor photography. It has helped to keep my creativity fresh and innovative. Although because of my reputation as a "West Virginia Specialist" many of my freelance assignments are in West Virginia. I have a personal stock slide library of over 30,000 slides on a wide variety of subjects. In 2000 I entered the world of digital photography and am now rapidly building digital image files.  My freelance clients include magazines, corporate clients, ad agencies, calendar publishers, textbook companies, resorts etc. The variety of my photographic assignments included such assignments as photographing the Kentucky Derby for Louisville Magazine from 1992 to 2010 for their annual "Derby Issue."